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Seaflex SAVE System Overview


Seaflex SAVE System – Saving Money, Possessions and, Potentially, Lives

Every year, Unique Seaflex standard buoyancy bags are regularly used for the salvage of smaller vessels in coastal havens, estuaries and inland waterways. These vessels could have been prevented from sinking in the first place – had they been fitted with a SAVE system. The cost of such salvage operations to the insurer, and ultimately to the owner in terms of both increased premiums and loss of treasured possessions, usually dwarfs the cost of the SAVE system itself.

Designed to be mounted inside the hull and/or on deck, the SAVE system comprises Seaflex enclosed buoyancy bags of the necessary size to prevent the vessel from sinking. The inflation of these proven bags is triggered by a system of hydrostatic valves mounted both inside the hull and on deck.