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Buoyancy & Ballast

Buoyancy & Ballast

Buoyancy & Ballast’s SEAFLEX™ and WATER WEIGHTS® brands have been helping contractors work more safely, efficiently and profitably since 1979.

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Water Weights is now part of Unique Group.

The combined capabilities strengthen Unique Group’s well-established Buoyancy & Ballast division, reinforcing the Company’s vision to provide integrated solutions to customers worldwide.
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Safe, Profitable Outcomes with SEAFLEX

We specialise in the design, manufacture, supply and support of two main product lines: inflatable buoyancy products for diving, salvage and installation operations, and waterbags for the load testing of cranes, davits, lifeboats, gangways and other load-bearing structures.

All Seaflex products are available for hire or purchase from over a dozen worldwide locations, including most of the major Oil and Gas markets. They all come with the highest levels of testing and certification in the industry - as well as the highest levels of compliance with internationally recognised IMCA and LEEA guidelines, where applicable.

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Seaflex Buoyancy

Seaflex manufactures inflatable buoyancy products which harness the physical properties of air. For the purchase or the rental of diving bags, salvage bags, pipeline buoyancy modules and cablelaying [MR1] flotation we are the go-to guys - wherever in the world you may be.

Dynamic lifting from seabed to surface requires Seaflex Air Lift Bags (ALBs). They’re designed for the recovery of underwater objects (such as sunken vessels or damaged pipelines). They’re also often used as static buoyancy in underwater engineering, because they’re easy to handle underwater and connect to the load via a single attachment point. Often referred to as parachute airbags, their open base allows expanding air to vent freely during an ascent to the surface, so ensuring no over-pressurisation can occur.

General support of assets at or near the surface, or the controlled laying of pipelines and cables from the surface to the seabed, requires Seaflex enclosed buoyancy bags and systems. Our Inflatable Buoyancy Units (IBUs), Mono Buoyancy Units (MBUs) and Dual Boom (DBs) are individual inflatable bags designed for such applications; our patented SeaSerpent and Kraken systems offer continuous buoyancy support where this is a better operational option than multiple single units.

Buoyancy & Ballast

Seaflex Ballast

Seaflex’s flagship WaterLoad™ range has been safely and efficiently assisting load testing contractors in their operations for nearly 20 years. Our classic pear-shaped water bag design can be seen in use worldwide each and every day, and as of 2016 we now offer a massive 100t waterbag within this range to facilitate more efficient testing.

We also offer a smaller range of lifeboat bags and gangway testing bags within this product family.

Our worldwide bases stock all these types of waterbags for rental – fully tested, certified and available for immediate despatch to you.

Buoyancy & Ballast